Ten Percent Happier Apple Widget

Apple introduced Widgets with iOS 14 and Ten Percent Happier, version 5.0 or higher, currently offers two choices. 

  • One that brings you directly to the Daily Dose (on the left in the image below).
  • One that moves you to the next lesson in the Course you're taking (on the right in the image below).

Ten Percent Happier Widgets in iOS 14

To learn how to put the Ten Percent Happier Widgets on your iPhone or iPad, please read Apple's support article Use widgets on your iPhone and iPod touch or Use widgets on your iPad. You can also call Applecare for help. Find the number for your area at AppleCare Worldwide.

You'll need to be actively using a Course for the Next widget to show anything. If it's black when you put it on your home screen please go to your current Course, listen to a lesson, and the widget should populate after that. Courses can be taken over and over - you'll find out something new each time you do them!

If the Ten Percent Happier widgets aren't working or you have more questions, please contact us at support@tenpercent.com.