What do the Mindful Days statistics mean in my app Profile?

Our fearless leader, Dan Harris, believes that meditation, like exercise, is most impactful when we do it regularly. But creating and maintaining a healthy habit can be tough! If you tap the Profile tab of the app (lower, right hand corner of the app), you'll see your Mindful Days display with some statistics that might encourage you to keep up a daily (or daily-ish) meditation habit. Here's what you'll see.

  • Mindful Days is the total number of days you've recorded meditating in the app.
  • Total Sessions is the total number of course sessions, singles, sleep meditations, and talks you've completed in the app. A session needs to run for at least 1 minute to get counted and even if you stop it before the end, you'll need to tap Continue twice for the app to register the session.
  • Total Minutes is the total minutes, including videos in the courses, singles, sleep meditations, and talks, that you've got registered in the app.
  • Streak is the total number of weeks or days you've meditated in a row. 
    • On Android, the Streak will show as your Daily Streak, how many days in a row you have meditated in the Ten Percent Happier app.
    • On an Apple device, the default streak shown will be the Weekly Streak because daily-ish is great! If you want to track your Daily Streak just tap the Mindful Days area to toggle between the two as shown in the video above (note: this requires app version 5.17.0). Weekly streaks are tabulated using a Monday to Sunday weekly basis.
  • When you complete a session in the app, you'll see these two screens:

These screens show you where you are after each session and you need to tap through them to let the app record your time. The second screen gives you the option to Share your progress with others by tapping the Share button. 

These are included to help build a positive habit but if you're not a fan of tracking your sessions, tap Continue two times quickly to dismiss these screens. 

If you love your meditation history and streaks we have some tips for helping everything get recorded properly in the app.

  • Always let the meditation finish completely before closing the app or quitting it. You should see a check mark in the middle of the screen at the end of the meditation that confirms the app has recorded your session.
  • If you're doing your meditation near midnight be aware that the credit goes to the date the meditation finishes, not the date you started. If you finish a meditation after midnight it will count for the date you finish in your Streak.
  • If your internet connectivity gets disrupted during a meditation that can negatively impact record keeping for it. 
  • If you complete a meditation while your device in offline, it should update to your History and Streak once you're reconnected to the Internet.
  • Using the app across devices, especially across platforms, can negatively impact your History and Streak tracking. If you're really enjoying these features of the app please try to use a single device for best tracking performance.

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