📲 What are Milestones in the Ten Percent Happier App?

Milestones are intended to celebrate your accomplishments: meditating many days or weeks in a row (also known as a streak), completing meditation sessions, and using important features like coaching. If you like to see how you're progressing with your mindfulness meditation practice, Milestones is a fun way to do that. It's hard to create and maintain a positive habit and we hope these badges will help you make mindfulness meditation a positive habit in your life!

Currently available for iPhone and iPad on app version 5.17.0 or higher.

To check out your Milestones:

  • Tap the Profile tab of the app
  • Scroll down below your Last 4 Weeks calendar.
  • Scroll down and up, right and left to see all the options!

You'll see streaks by day, week and session as well as other fun parts of the app. And if you hit a new milestone during a meditation session, we'll show you a badge after the session is over. You'll always be able to see all of your badges under the Milestones screen. If you're not sure how to find some of these features please check out these additional Help Center articles: