Ted Lasso Kindness Meditations

We’re glad you’re here to check out our collection of meditations on kindness. Kindness is a skill you can cultivate so it becomes a habit - just like Ted Lasso! All these meditations are free to everyone. 

You can practice these repeatedly to keep building your kindness muscles.

These meditations are available only inside the Ten Percent Happier app.

  • The app's available for iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile devices. If you need information on downloading it, please read our Help Center article Download the Ten Percent Happier App.
  • You don't need a subscription to use these meditations. There's a free version of the app and it includes all our Kindness Ted Lasso Style meditations.
  • Inside the app, tap the Singles button in the app menu bar then look for the Ted Lasso Kindness pack.

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If you need any help or have additional questions please email us at support@tenpercent.com.