Add a Friend to your Circle

Meditating in community is a big part of the tradition of mindfulness Ten Percent Happier grows out of so it's great that you're interested in connecting with others for the meditation challenge.

Add a friend to your meditation circle for the event:

  • Open the app to your Challenge screen. The way to get there may be different depending on what device and app version you're using. Here are the options so you can find the one what works for you:
    • Tap Courses and look for the Challenge at the top of the screen.
    • Tap Home and look for the Challenge at the top of the screen.
    • Tap the Challenge Banner near the bottom of your screen, just above the menu bar.
  • Scroll down to My Circle.
  • Tap the black Invite a Friend button.
  • Send a message to any friends you’d like to invite to join you in the Challenge using one of the options that's available on your phone.

Your friend will be sent instructions to sign up for the Challenge if they haven't already. Once they do this and accept your invite, they'll be added to your circle and you’ll be able to see each others’ progress and send each other nudges. The nudges show as notifications on your phone or tablet.


If either of you run into trouble please make sure you're both updated to the most current app versions. You can update in the App Store for Apple devices or in the Google Play store for Android devices. If you're reading this article on the same device you use for the app, you can tap the link below.

If you're having trouble updating your Ten Percent Happier app, check out our Help Center article Update Your Ten Percent Happier App.

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