The Ten Percent Happier Podcast in the App

At the request of the Ten Percent Happier community, we've added our award winning Ten Percent Happier podcast into the app so you can access it there! The new Podcasts tab on your menu bar replaces the Talks tab. But don't worry - the Talks are in there too since they're "mini podcasts." 😁You may need to update your Ten Percent Happier app to a newer version in order to find the Podcasts tab in the app.
Please note that Podcasts and Talks played in the app will not count towards your Mindful Days streak or your Milestones in the app.

  • If you're a subscriber, you can listen to all the talks and podcasts (ad free!) in the app and more features are in the works!
  • If you're not a subscriber, please keep listening to the podcast through the podcast app on your phone or on our website at Dan and his incredible interviews are still available for free.
    • You also have free access to The Basics course with Joseph Goldstein. If you haven't gone through it yet, check out to try the techniques Dan talks about in the podcast for yourself.
    • Check out the amazing Kindness meditations - Ted Lasso style - that are free in the app! Look in the Singles tab.