Enable Mindful Minutes with the Apple Health App on iPhone

The Ten Percent Happier app can help you build a regular meditation habit by tracking your history and how many days or weeks in a row you've meditated. If you're using the app on an iPhone, you can use the Apple Health App to add meditations you've done outside Ten Percent Happier either on your own, on retreat, or through other Apple Health connected apps.

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Before You Start

  • Your iPhone has to be updated to iOS 15 or newer. Health app instructions and images shown here are from iOS 16.
  • It helps to have the most recent version of the Ten Percent Happier app installed. If you want to check for current app updates, tap here
  • Troubleshooting steps are listed at the bottom of this article.

If You're Just Downloading the Ten Percent Happier App

When you initially download the Ten Percent Happier app, you'll see the screen below which asks if you'd like to connect Ten Percent Happier to your Health app.  The easiest way to get connected is to tap Allow Access on this screen.

If You Already Have Ten Percent Happier on your iPhone

  • Open the Ten Percent Happier app.
  • Tap the Profile icon in the upper, left corner.
  • Tap Settings (gear icon) in the top, right corner.
  • Tap Apple Health under the CONNECT heading.

  • Tap Log Mindful Minutes so the button turns red.

  • A new screen will pop up.
  • Tap Turn All On. (After you tap it, it will change to Turn Off All).
    • ALLOW "TEN PERCENT" TO WRITE will turn green. This means that minutes you meditate in the Ten Percent Happier app will be recorded in the Apple Health app.
    • ALLOW "TEN PERCENT" TO READ will turn green. This means that minutes you meditate in other apps or that you end manually into Apple Health will get recorded in the Ten Percent Happier app and will be included in your total and your streak.
  • Your screen should look like this:

  • Tap Allow in the upper right corner. 
  • The screen will go back to the Ten Percent Happier settings page and Log Mindful Minutes will say Connected.
  • Turn on Use Health data in stats. When you turn this on, mindful minutes you've logged with your Apple Watch or other apps connected to Health will get counted in your Ten Percent Happier statistics.

  • Your Apple Health screen in the Ten Percent Happier app should look like this:

If you add a meditation into the Apple Health app either manually or from another app, it'll look like the picture below in the History of your Ten Percent Happier App.

In the Apple Health app you should Ten Percent Happier listed as an App Allowed to Read Data and as a Data Source.

Check out our Help Center article Use the Apple Health App to Add Minutes to Your Meditation History.

Apple's support article Manage Health Data on your iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch will have more information on setting up your Health App.


You can check this Apple webpage for additional guidance on using your Apple Health app with other apps or call Applecare at ‭(800) 275-2273 in the United States‬. For AppleCare phone numbers worldwide please check their website at Contact Apple for Support and Service.

If your daily streak doesn't look right, it's possible that mindful minutes aren't syncing properly.

  • Please double-check the steps and screens above. Make sure your app matches what's here.
  • Double check that you have Use Health Data in Stats turned on in the Ten Percent Happier settings. 
  • Check that Ten Percent is listed as a Data Source in your Health app. 

If both of those look right but your data isn't showing up properly in the Ten Percent Happier app,

  • Check the email address and login method you're using for your Ten Percent Happier account. Our Help Center article How to Tell What Address Your App Is Signed Into has the steps.
  • Delete the Ten Percent Happier app - keeping your HealthKit data when prompted.
  • Reinstall Ten Percent Happier.
  • Sign back in with your registered email address and password (or login method). Our Help Center article Sign Into Ten Percent Happier With An Existing Account has the steps.
  • Authorize to Connect Apple Health using the steps above. This should update and re-sync your account.

If you have more questions please email us at support@tenpercent.com.
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