🧘 Can I meditate while doing yoga? What is the difference between them?

Yes, you can practice mindfulness while doing yoga. Simply bringing awareness to your sensations and your body as you move is mindfulness, and is often encouraged with yoga practice. Yoga is a whole system of practice in itself with its own lineage and teachings. The movement that we often think of as yoga is one part of that tradition. There are meditation practices traditional to classical yoga that are similar to mindfulness and also distinct.

Mindfulness and yoga are complementary, and bringing our mindfulness practice to our yoga mat (or any other aspect of the full yoga practice) can be quite supportive and useful. For example, yoga can be supportive for a meditation practice, if a restless or uncomfortable body or mind makes it challenging to sit still in meditation. Often some movement, intentional breath practice, and a willingness to turn the attention inward to the experience can make sitting in meditation more comfortable and easeful.