Can I meditate lying down?

Lying down is a traditional meditation posture and you can definitely practice this way. We generally recommend sitting because it offers a nice balance of focus and relaxation, but feel free to lie down if it's better for you and you feel like you’re able to keep up your attention without falling asleep. If it's comfortable for you, bend your knees so they point to the ceiling when you meditate lying down because this helps you be more alert. If you're feeling sleepy, you can try bending one arm at the elbow so your fingers point to the ceiling. The benefit of this modification is that your hand on the floor is feedback that you fell asleep, if it doesn't wake you up as it falls. 😉

Traditional meditation postures include sitting, laying, standing up and walking. Our articles Do I have to sit to meditate? and How can I learn walking meditation? have more information. Experiment with them and see what works for you!

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