🧘 How can I become more consistent with my meditation practice? I want to do this regularly.

There are many benefits to meditation; the hard part for most people tends to be doing it! 

Here are a few ways to develop more consistency with the practice: 

  • Think carefully about when you are most likely and able to practice, and then commit to at least 5 minutes a day so that over time it becomes a habit. First thing in the morning works best for many. Listening to a guided meditation on the train or bus to work is popular and seems to set up the day well. Others find that the best time is just before bed. You might experiment a bit to see what works best in your schedule. 
  • Set realistic expectations for your practice; your experience with developing a new habit may sometimes be turbulent. Mindfulness is not about getting rid of all thoughts β€” it is about noticing what thoughts are there. Don’t be surprised if some days your mind is busy, fretful, or even wildly unruly. When this is the case, practice curiosity and the art of allowing.
  • Notice times when you begin to be more mindful and acknowledge the impact this brings to you and others. Seeing the benefits in your practice is essential to continuing.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, tell those closest to you at work and home that you are trying to build a mindfulness practice. Tell them how they can help support you.
  • Connect with others who are interested in becoming more mindful. You can encourage and challenge each other to commit to the practice.