🧘 How can meditation and mindfulness help me work with insomnia?

The challenge here is to try not to get into a struggle with being awake when you’d prefer to be asleep, because the more you resist it, the more it will agitate the mind and make getting back to sleep even harder. If you’re lying awake, see if you can let the out-breath become slightly longer than the in-breath, which can help to calm the nervous system. 

On the Sleep tab of the app, we have many guided meditations to support relaxing into sleep, or falling back asleep after waking in the night. Jeff Warren's Sleep River meditation is a favorite for many. Some people also find the body scan to be a helpful practice for falling asleep. Anushka Fernandopulle has a Bedtime Body Scan that may be helpful to explore, and there are many other great meditations available within the app to check out for support with falling asleep.

When we’re struggling to fall asleep, it can also be of benefit to practice self-compassion, as a reminder that we’re not alone in the difficulty sleeping, and that we can choose to meet this struggle with inner kindness. You might try simply placing one hand on the heart and one on the belly as a physical reminder of self-compassion, which can help to settle the nervous system. Or you might like to explore one of our self-compassion meditations on the app, including: