🧘 How can I find a meditation retreat center?

If you are looking for centers that are more aligned with Insight/mindfulness meditation, the Buddhist Insight Network has a searchable database. We also have a resource on our website with retreat centers around the world that are generally in alignment with the practice of meditation as we offer it here on the app. It’s not a comprehensive list, but may be a helpful starting point. 

Our general advice in relation to any meditation center is to try to find out what style or approach they have regarding lineage or tradition, whether it is a non-profit or for-profit, how much training the main teachers have, from where, and with whom. If anything doesn't seem quite right, doing an internet search is a good idea because these days a lot of information is available online regarding ethical misconduct in relation to particular teachers. Additionally, if there is a particular meditation teacher you already resonate with, you can often find retreats that they are leading by looking on their website or otherwise following their teaching calendar.