What resources are there to teach kids to meditate?

It can be really fun to start giving kids some strategies for calming and recognizing their emotions! In the Ten Percent Happier app there are some guided sessions for families interested in meditating with their children. Find these under the Singles tab in the topic Coronavirus Sanity, then scroll down to the heading Family At Home. Most of the ones with Susan Kaiser Greenland are geared toward kids.

We have a list of podcasts about meditating with kids in our Help Center here, Podcast Episodes on Meditation and Kids. Lastly, you might listen to Sumi Kim’s talk in the app, How to Meditate With Your Kids, or read her newsletter article, Bedtime Meditation for Parents and Kids.

Outside the app check out the book Sitting Still Like a Frog, published by Shambhala Publications. Many parents and teachers also enjoy Awakening Joy for Kids, by James Baraz and Michele Lilyanna. Additionally, there is a great Australian website called Smiling Mind which offers meditation resources for children. Annaka Harris (no relation to Dan Harris) has a website with guided meditations for children ages 6-10.

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