How can teens learn about mindfulness meditation?

Teens are at a great age to benefit from learning a little about mindfulness meditation and how their own minds work. In the Ten Percent Happier app, Jess Morey has a guided meditation titled Meditation for Teens that's a great place to start. We have a some other meditations for teens, including:

For young adults we can also recommend George Mumford's course in the app and any of his single meditations as well as some of the meditations in On the Go and Mental Mischief in the app. We'd also encourage you to try the compassion, loving-kindness and self-compassion courses and meditations with teens. In general, those are topics that teens resonate with and get a lot out of.

Outside of the app, one highly recommended book is The Mindful Teen, by Dzung X. Vo. Two additional books that might be helpful are The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens, by Gina Biegel, and Growing Up Mindful, by Christopher Willard.

Also, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is a wonderful nonprofit that offers in-depth mindfulness programming for teens and young adults and the parents and professionals who support them. Their resources page lists more books along with guided meditations for young people.

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