šŸ§˜ I used to enjoy my practice, but recently it has hit a plateau, and I might even be getting worse. How should I handle this?

Experiencing a sense that we're stuck or even "getting worse" at meditation is very typical as we become more and more aware of just how much thinking is going on almost all the time. When we first start meditating, there is often an initial "honeymoon" when we begin to have a sense for the benefits and we seem to be making progress. As we go deeper, it can seem for a while that we're stuck or even going backwards. This is not at all unusual. 

When in a phase like this, try to approach your practice with as much gentleness and self-compassion as you can. Sometimes as we turn inward and see more clearly how much mental activity is present, we can cause more suffering by judging ourselves for what is happening. As much as possible, when you notice you've gotten distracted, see if you can let go of any story (i.e. "I'm terrible at this," "I'll never be able to do this practice," etc.) and simply come back to the breath. Thoughts and mental activity are not a "problem" to be solved, we're just working on learning about our experience, with kindness and non-judgment.

If you are interested in specific strategies for working with distraction in the practice, you might like to check out Sharon Salzberg's course series Focus I and Focus II.