🧘 Lately my meditation sessions haven’t been very good, and it’s making me lose my motivation for practice. How can I address this?

Pretty much every long-time meditator has experienced phases in which the motivation or interest in the practice wanes a bit. Sometimes this is a signal that we need to back off the gas a bit, and perhaps take a more relaxed approach to practice for some time. If it starts to feel too effortful or forced, we are less likely to continue over the long term. 

At the same time, part of what we’re doing in our practice is cultivating the capacity to be with whatever comes up for us, and in this way it’s important that we meditate not only when practicing feels easy and delightful, but also when it’s less enjoyable or downright hard. The trick is to just keep coming back to it, with kindness and curiosity to what is arising in our experience. 

Another suggestion for how to work with this challenge is to consider your intention for yourself when you first started to meditate. What drew you to the practice in the first place? And what benefits have you noticed in your life since then? Sometimes touching in with our original motivation for practice, and the changes we've seen in our life as a result, can be helpful in finding our way again.