Which course should I start with?

In the Ten Percent Happier app, The Basics and The Basics II have a lot of great information to help you get started with mindfulness meditation or reset your current meditation practice with the well-known and respected teacher, Joseph Goldstein. Our recommendation is to do one session a day if you can but if you miss one, don't sweat it, just pick up again the next day or as soon as you can. We know it's hard to build a good habit so try to meditate enough to build some momentum, but not so much that it feels hard to keep going. The Basics courses provide a strong foundation for understanding the how and the why of mindfulness which is really helpful for moving on to other courses in the app.

After you've done The Basics courses, there isn't a particular order we recommend because each person has different goals and interests with regard to mindfulness meditation. We encourage you to explore the app contents and see what looks interesting! However, the Great for Beginners topic section in the Singles tab is another good place to spend some time if you're exploring meditation for the first time or looking for a refresher. 

Your Home Page in the app will suggest a daily meditation and sometimes it'll suggest a Course for you or a meditation that's appropriate to the time of day. If you're looking for content in our libraries on a particular topic, try the Search bar or email our support team at support@tenpercent.com.

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