🧘 How can I be more mindful when I’m feeling angry?

It can be helpful to use mental noting to acknowledge anger (or any other emotions that are arising). Even just to know "this is anger" when it is coming up is a big step. With practice, we can also learn to bring awareness to any mental attitude about the anger. We're aiming to develop an attitude of kind curiosity here. It's not so much about getting rid of the anger as investigating it with interest.

One important thing to be aware of when we are experiencing difficult emotions like anger is our identification with the emotion and the story behind it. We need to have some way to hold the experience and feel it (the body sensations) without fueling it and getting ourselves more distressed. For example with anger, bringing gentle awareness to sensations such as tension in the chest, or slight clenching of the fists, or heat in the face, etc., is usually more useful than running with the story about what was said and done.

If the anger is frequent and intense, the classical antidote is to cultivate kindness and compassion, so perhaps Sharon Salzberg's course 10% Nicer could be useful here — particularly focusing on self-compassion.

Oren Sofer’s course Emotions could also be supportive in learning strategies for working with anger. Additionally, on the Singles tab, you might try any of the following: