How can meditation help with feeling lonely?

One interesting thing to try when you're meditating is to get curious about the experience of loneliness. What does it feel like in your body? What are the thoughts like? We're often quick to try to distract ourselves from the feeling by turning on the TV, looking at our phones, having a drink or a snack, etc. But see if you can pause once in a while and just ask, "what is loneliness like?" 

Even if this is just for a few moments, you might start to see that loneliness, though very painful, is simply a set of body sensations and thoughts. The more you meet it with clarity, the easier it becomes to open to it. And it's said by some great teachers that loneliness can actually be a gateway to a very deep sense of connection with ourselves, humanity and the earth. With this in mind, we could see loneliness not as a mistake or something to get rid of, but rather as fodder for deep connection and even joy.

Lastly, you might like to explore Oren Sofer’s guided session on Loneliness and Belonging.

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