🧘 When the teacher prompts me to feel what emotions are present, I’m not feeling much of anything. Am I doing something wrong?

The general guidance around emotions while meditating is not to go looking for them, or to try to make them happen, but instead to just try to be present with your experience exactly as it is. The fact that no emotions are showing up while you’re meditating doesn’t automatically mean that they’re blocked. If there’s a state of relative lack of emotion while meditating, that’s not a problem. You might even try occasionally naming the experience as calm, ease, stillness, or whatever labels feel appropriate.

It’s also true that finding a balanced relationship to emotions is one of the skills of practice. At different times we might err too much on the side of indulging the emotions, while at other times, there might be some kind of suppression or denial.

As we develop more calmness and stability through formal meditation practice, it gets easier to stay with our emotions in daily life without getting lost in them. It doesn’t really matter where or when we feel the emotions (while meditating, or in daily life), it’s more important that we practice bringing mindfulness to them whenever they do show up.