🧘 Can I meditate while driving?

Yes, you can "meditate" while driving— if by "meditation" we're referring to practicing mindfulness. In this case, while driving, we could pay attention to a whole range of different experiences. For example, we could notice the sensation of the hands holding the steering wheel, the contact of the sitting bones with the seat, the pressure of the feet on the accelerator or brake pedals, while we also have an open range of mindfulness to notice what's happening in the visual field and in the mind — seeing the flow of traffic traveling in the opposite direction, watching traffic signals changing from green to red and observing any reactions in the mind such as agitation or a desire to go faster, etc.

The key with any type of mindfulness is to make sure it's appropriate to the circumstances. While driving, for example, it obviously wouldn't be a good idea to try to close your eyes and stay focused solely on the breath. But an overall, more broad-based mindfulness could actually enhance driving skills.

You can check out several meditations on driving and commuting in the app: