What's the cost of One on One Coaching?

One on one meditation coaching starts at $69.00 USD per month. We have several pricing options based on how often you want to meet with your teacher.

When you sign up you're starting an automatic, monthly subscription to purchase session credits which you'll then schedule inside the Ten Percent Happier app. You can cancel this subscription any time by emailing us at coaching@tenpercent.com. After you cancel you'll have 6 months to use any session credits 

We currently offer 3 monthly subscription plans for 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Once a Month- $69.00/mo - includes 1 live 25-min video session per month
  • Twice a Month- $129.00/mo - includes 2 live 25-min video sessions per month
  • Weekly- $249.00/mo - includes 4 live 25-min video sessions per month

If you need more information or help please email us at coaching@tenpercent.com.