How should I prepare for my first coaching session?

Congrats on booking your first coaching session! Those who seem to benefit most come with some idea of what they would like to work on. For example, if you notice your practice is inconstant and would like help with building a more consistent practice. And don’t worry if you aren’t exactly sure what to ask about. You can also come in and describe your practice, talk about what teacher on the app you like and why. If you don’t have anything in mind you will work with your coach to find out what you want to explore/will be meaning full to explore. Here are some things that you might find helpful to reflect on before your 1st session and to share with your coach:

  • Your practice background (i.e. for how long have they been meditating? major influences? In the last few months, what is their typical frequency/duration of meditation? Any techniques that seem to work well for them, like breathing, body scan or loving-kindness?)
  • Why you are interested in coaching at this time?
  • Are there any questions or topics that want to make sure to talk about?
  • Do you do well with goals & homework assignments, or do you prefer a more freeform approach?
  • What’s the one thing your coach should know in order to be of most support to you?
  • What has been going well in your practice lately? What has been challenging? Are there any questions or curiosities that have been coming up?
  • Is there anything that feels particularly important to talk about in your first session?
  • If you were to do coaching for a period of time and it were to be wildly successful, what would that look like for you?