Mindfulness for Dealing with Politics

Mindfulness meditation can help you be more resilient and stable in the face of political differences and changes. Here are some meditations in the app our team suggests if you're feeling upset, angry or off balance around politics. Practice these regularly and repeatedly so you have the skills to draw on when you need them.

  • SOS Panic Attack with Alexis Santos   When you are panicking, these grounding body and breath practices with Alexis will help you self-soothe, reorient, and balance the mind.
  • For a Moment of Panic with Diana Winston   Soothe and reduce panic with this grounding meditation that will help you soften anxiety and find safety in your body.
  • Serenity Prayer with Jay Michaelson   In tumultuous times you can use meditation to strengthen serenity, courage, and wisdom; the qualities found in the famous Serenity Prayer.
  • Mindful of the News with Jay Michaelson   When the state of the world feels overwhelming, engage and allow difficult emotions to shift by relaxing unpleasant feelings of resistance.
  • Transforming Anger with Jess Morey   Go from "seeing red" to seeing the value in anger without being carried away by it and doing or saying things you'll regret later.
  • Walking for Wise Action with Jess Morey   Connect meditation and action with this walking practice that will help you ground intense emotions and clarify skillful actions that you want to take.
  • Deep Nervous System Rest with JoAnna Hardy   During intense times, give yourself permission to lay everything down, deeply rest, and engage in the radical practice of not doing anything.
  • It's Okay to Feel This with Joseph Goldstein   Joseph teaches you how to authentically accept difficult emotions to make them more manageable and less overwhelming.
  • What's Good? with Oren Jay Sofer   Counteract negativity bias by appreciating the goodness in life: simple acts of kindness, moments of beauty, and even your own good efforts.
  • Point Meditation with Rev. angel Kyodo williams   In this meditation on one point, hone your capacity to direct your attention where you want without shutting out the rest of the world.
  • Compassion for Jerks with Roshi Joan Halifax   Use Roshi Joan’s GRACE tool to not just engage with difficult people in your life, but genuinely know your personal integrity along the way.
  • Working with Grief with Sebene Selassie   In this gentle meditation, Sebene offers support for grief. She guides you through a practice of kindness and compassion for yourself.
  • Being Happy for Others with Anushka Fernandopulle   When we practice feeling happy for others, we develop an antidote to jealousy and self-absorption and we, ourselves, become happier.
  • See Through Unconscious Bias with Sebene Selassie   Listen as Sebene helps you cut through patterns of self-judgment and prejudice toward others with the simple tools of curiosity & kindness.
  • Getting Out of Your Head with Sebene Selassie   Sebene helps you take a break from information overload and return to the basic experience of the breath and body.
  • Loosening the Grip of Panic with Seben Selassie   Find freedom from obsessive loops of fear by getting grounded in the body, dropping the stories, and bringing some kindness to the struggle.
  • Frustration Buster with Sharon Salzberg   These potent tools help ease intense frustration through calming breathing, listening to sound, and watching thoughts & feelings come and go.
  • Letting Tough Emotions Be with Sharon Salzberg   Bring wisdom and compassion alongside difficult emotions by first calming your body & mind and then opening to the feels with acceptance.
  • Kindness for Inner Strength with Sharon Salzberg   Deepen your inner strength and learn to draw boundaries and respond to injustice in this powerful loving-kindness meditation for yourself.

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