Using Zoom for Ten Percent Happier Meditation Classes

At Ten Percent Happier we use Zoom for all One to One Meditation Coaching and Meditation Groups. You'll receive a link to the meeting in your email prior to the session and the link should stay the same for all sessions. Zoom is free and if you have any trouble joining the session please email us at

Join the Meeting

For full access to all that may be offered during your online meeting, we highly recommend that participants connect via computer or mobile device. Join by clicking the link you received in your email on the device you'd like to join from. 

Audio and Video

When you first join, please click the blue button “join with computer audio”. Then, you will be in a waiting room until the meeting begins. Once the meeting begins, you will be muted by default. You have the choice of joining with or without video.

You can mute and unmute when directed by the teachers with these instructions:

  • Computer: hover your cursor over the bottom of the Zoom screen and click the “Mute” button at the bottom left.
  • iPhone/iPad: Tap the screen and a menu will appear at the bottom, the Mute button will be at the bottom left.

You can turn your camera on and off as you wish with the Start/Stop Video button. 

Meeting ID/Name

Depending on how you accessed the call, your meeting profile may be your name, your place of employment, or your meeting number. Please make sure your meeting name is your full name (instead of a number, “iPad”, or your place of work). To update your name:

  • Computer: hover your cursor over the bottom of the zoom screen and click the Participants button.  Hover your cursor over your name and a Rename option will appear.
  • iPhone/iPad: Tap the screen and select the Participants button, tap your name/id, and a Rename option will be available.


If you have any access issues, you can contact your teacher via private chat to request assistance or ask a question. 

  • Computer: Select the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen and a Chat window will open. 
  • iPhone/iPad: Tap your screen and then the 3 dots at the bottom right, a Chat option will appear.

If you still have questions, please email us at