Home: New in the Ten Percent Happier App

Thanks for using Ten Percent Happier to learn about mindfulness meditation! We're trying out a new section of the app called Home. It's not being applied to everyone's app yet while we get some feedback from our community and we hope to offer it to everyone in the future.

Home in your Ten Percent Happier App

The Home screen in your app is being developed to quickly and easily connect you with suggested content for where you are in your meditation journey and to give you more guidance and inspiration. Our team has worked very hard to bring this new feature to life and we’re really excited to hear your feedback on what works well - and what doesn’t - in your new Home experience!

What You'll See in Home

To test and solicit feedback on this new feature, we're randomly applying it to some of our community's accounts. If you currently have the Home screen in your app, here's what you can expect:

  • Each day you’ll get a brand-new “Daily Dose” meditation on your Home screen to encourage a daily, sustained meditation practice. You’ll see meditations matched for you where you are in your practice, what’s going on in the world and even the time of day where you are. 
  • Each week we’ll refresh your Home with a “Weekly Focus” section which dives into a specific topic. This will include an editorial article and related meditations, podcast episodes, and more. 
  • We are always adding new teachers, new meditations, and new ways to learn—and this tidy new Home will help you find it all.
  • And don’t worry—the rest of the app is still the same Ten Percent you know and love, with courses, singles, sleep, and podcasts all just a tap away.

So again, welcome Home.

We Welcome Your Input!

We'd love to get your take on this big, new feature. Please email us at support@tenpercent.com if you've got Home in your Ten Percent Happier app and let us know what's working, what doesn't work as well, and what you'd like to see in the future.

From all of us at Ten Percent Happier, thank you for working with us and, more importantly, thank you for practicing mindfulness meditation. We hope it's helpful to you and through your practice those around you are also supported.