Repeat a Lesson in a Course

Want to repeat a lesson in a course?

The Ten Percent Happier tracks your progress as you move through a course so you'll know where to pick up again. With your subscription, you can listen to any of the lessons at any time - even if you've done them before. Completed lessons will have a white checkmark next to them like ones in the image below.

The app automatically prompts you to take the next lesson you haven't completed. In the image above, Lesson 3 is the next meditation for the course. If you'd like to watch a video or do any meditation from a previous lesson, just tap it. You can listen to them as many times as you want even, if there's a checkmark next to it. You can also skip the video and go straight to the meditation. To do that, tap the lesson, then tap the word MEDITATE at the top of the screen.

If you're using an iPhone that has iOS 14 or newer on it, you can also checkout the Ten Percent Happier Widget that you can tap to go directly to the next lesson in your Course. Check out our Help Center article Does Ten Percent Happier have an Apple widget?