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The App

Questions like, How do I sign into my app? or How do I favorite a meditation?

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The Newsletter

Information about the weekly Ten Percent Happier Newsletter.

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Our Podcasts

Information about podcasts produced by Ten Percent Happier

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iPhone and iPad Questions

Using the Ten Percent Happier app on iPhone or iPad.

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Android Cellphones and Tablets

Using the Ten Percent Happier app on Android cellphones and tablets.

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Meditation Challenges

Information on Ten Percent Happier meditation challenges.

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Mindfulness for Life's Moments

Find resources for what you're going through now.

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Sharing Ten Percent Happier

How to share Ten Percent Happier newsletter articles, podcasts and app access.

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Ten Percent Happier Web Resources

Ten Percent Happier Resources available on the web.

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How to Meditate

Getting Started

Questions commonly asked by those new to the app and the practice of meditation.

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Common Practice Questions

Our meditation teachers' responses to questions about mindfulness and meditation.

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Common Challenges

Support for obstacles and issues that tend to come up in meditation practice.

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Working with Emotions

Guidance on applying mindfulness teachings to working with emotions.

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