Podcasts to Listen to if You're Working with Anxiety

Here's a list of podcasts from the Taming Anxiety challenge. These podcasts, and all our podcast episodes, are free in the podcast app on your phone. You can also listen to them inside the app or on our website.

And here are some additional podcasts Dan's done about using mindfulness meditation to deal with anxiety.

  • #170 Rising Above Social Anxiety | Ellen Hendriksen
  • #159 Unwinding Anxiety | Judson Brewer
  • #138 Meditating While Having ADHD | Dr. Stephanie Sarkis
  • #128 Untangling from Anxiety | Andrea Petersen
  • #104 X Ambassadors Drummer | Adam Levin

Additional Resources

The Ten Percent Happier Taming Anxiety course isn't a replacement for therapy or medical care. As a rule of thumb, if your anxiety is severely inhibiting your daily life you should seek professional help.

To monitor your anxiety and seek additional support we have a few resources to suggest:

Talks inside the Ten Percent Happier App

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