Mark Content as Favorites

You can save your favorite Ten Percent Happier app content for easy access by tapping the heart ♡ icon.

You can favorite the following kinds of app content:

  • Individual lessons from a Course, but not the entire Course.
  • Individual meditations from the Singles section of the app, but not a whole Topic in the Singles tab.
  • Individual meditations from the Sleep section of the app.
  • Individual podcast or talk episodes from the Podcast section of the app but not a whole podcast.

Tap the heart ♡ icon to mark something as a favorite.

Tap the heart ♡ icon again to unfavorite it.

Apple Devices

If you don't see the heart ♡ icon, 

  • Tap the menu button ⋯ in the upper, right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Add to Favorites in the menu that pops up.