How do I mark content as favorites?

How to favorite content for easier access:

You are able to favorite Singles, Sleeps, Talks, and Course sessions and they will show up under FAVORITES toward the top of the Profile tab, directly under your Mindful Days section.

  • To favorite a Single, Sleep, or Talk, just toggle on the favorite (heart) icon in the top right of the meditation lander page (see images below). 
  • To remove the favorited track, just toggle the favorite icon back off so that it is a hollow outline. 

iOS app:

Android app:

  • To favorite a Course session, just toggle the favorite (heart) icon in the top right of the session page while either the video or meditation is playing (see image below).

iOS & Android app:

  • To access your favorited sessions, go to your Profile tab in the app and tap on "FAVORITES" as in the image below. To remove any favorites from this list, just toggle the favorite icon back off.