How can I meditate when I’m sick?

When you're sick it's definitely ok to take a break from meditating and it can also be an interesting time to meditate because you're not busy with your regular routine. If you decide to meditate while you're ill, the idea is to do it with care, like a relaxed exploration - don't be tough on yourself. Try tuning into an overall sense of your body and the phyisical sensations that are happening to be more intimate with what it's like to be sick without exerting too much effort. You might check out our article on dealing with pain for some specific techniques.

A body scan meditation, especially if you're lying down, can be a good check-in when you're sick. If you get interested in specific bodily sensations, sometimes you can loosen the grip of thoughts that tend to make us feel worse when we're sick like, "I feel horrible," and "I wish I was better already!"

Instead of focusing on the breath when you're sick (Which can be hard with a stuffy nose!) you can meditate with your focus on external sounds instead. Sounds are really interesting because it doesn't require any work on our part to hear them - they just come in! In the app, search for sound meditations, or try one of the following:

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