Mindfulness for Dealing with World Events

Here are some Ten Percent Happier resources you can check out if you're working with stress and difficult emotions surrounding world events. Use the search function in the app to find them.


  • Phrases for Stress
  • Stress Better
  • Taming Anxiety
  • Emotions


  • The Protection of Loving-Kindness with Leslie Booker
  • Kindness for Inner Strength with Sharon Salzberg
  • Opening to Strong Emotions with Joseph Goldstein
  • Fear with Joseph Goldstein
  • Sadness with Oren Jay Sofer
  • Working with Grief with Sebene Selassie
  • RAIN with Jeff Warren
  • Anger with Oren Jay Sofer
  • Basic Relaxation with Sharon Salzberg
  • Breath Stressbuster with Jeff Warren
  • Soothe Stressful Thoughts with Jess Morey

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