Navigate the Ten Percent Happier App

There are a lot of resources inside the Ten Percent Happier app! This article will help you start to explore.

There are menu buttons at the bottom of the screen for the different sections of the app:

    • Home is a feature we're currently trying out and we're very excited about it! It's not being applied to everyone's app yet while we get some feedback from our community and we hope to offer it to everyone in the future. Please check out our announcements page Home: New in the Ten Percent Happier App for more details if you see this in your menu bar.
    • Courses are video lessons paired with a meditation. Each course has 5-10 lessons that are made up of a video discussion between Dan Harris, the student, and one of the meditation teachers on the app. Our meditation teachers are some of the best known in the world and they share their answers to the most common questions meditators have, as well as some of the deeper questions. When the short video lesson ends, a meditation will start to help you practice the idea. If you'd like to do the meditation without watching the lesson, tap the word MEDITATE at the top of the screen. Videos and Course meditations count towards your Streak.
    • Singles are guided meditations with no lessons. They're sorted into folders that address topics we encounter in life or specific kinds of meditation. Tap a folder, choose a meditation and tap on it. Some of the Single meditations have length options. You can change the length by tapping the time amount in the black oval near the bottom of the screen. When you're ready to start the meditation, tap the red circle with the play button inside it. Single meditations count towards your Streak.
    • The Sleep tab has meditations for use at night or nap time and is in dark mode. Sleep meditations count towards your Streak.
    • The Podcasts tab features the Ten Percent Happier, Childproof and More than a Feeling podcasts, commercial-free for app subscribers. You can also find the subscriber-exclusive Twenty Percent Happier podcast. Teacher Talks are included in this section. These are short talks on topics meditators have asked about. They’re intended to be something you can listen to while on the go. Content under this tab doesn’t count towards your Streak.

Profile is where you can keep track of your statistics including number of days you’ve meditated, number of meditation sessions and minutes. You can also share complimentary Guest Pass subscriptions (30 days) with friends & family and celebrate your achievements by tracking your Milestones. 

    • iPhone or iPad: Tap the Profile icon in the upper, left corner of the screen.
    • Android phones or tablets: Tap the Profile icon in the upper, right corner of the screen.

You can Favorite meditations you'd like to go back to. Tap on this link, Mark Content as Favorites, to see instructions for adding a meditation to your Favorites list.

There's also a Search icon in the upper, right corner of the screen. Type in a topic or teacher’s name for options.

If you have more questions we'd love to help. Please email us at

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