Using Wondery to Listen to the Ten Percent Happier Podcasts

The podcasts produced by Ten Percent Happier Podcast partner with Wondery+ to offer ad free listening and early access to new episodes. Wondery+ is an optional subscription service. 

You can still listen to all the Ten Percent Happier podcasts, Ten Percent Happier, Childproof and More Than a Feeling for free in most major podcast apps. You're not required to have a Wondery+ subscription.

If you have a Ten Percent Happier app subscription, you can also listen to the podcasts ad free and with early access when you listen inside the Ten Percent Happier app.

Subscribing to Wondery+

You can subscribe to Wondery+ on their website, Wondery+, or through the Apple Podcast app.

If you have questions about your Wondery+ subscription, please check their Help Center at or email them from their contact page at  

If you still have questions please email our amazing support team at - we're here to help!