Using Siri Shortcuts on iPhone to Start a Meditation Hands Free

One of the best things about Siri Shortcuts is that you can use a Shortcut to meditate without having to physically interact with your iPhone.  From the app settings you can set up our most popular meditations aimed at specific needs or times of day.

Siri Shortcuts in the Ten Percent Happier app:

  1. Make sure Siri is turned on in your iPhone's Settings (see Apple Support article here).
  2. Head into your Ten Percent Happier app Settings (from your Profile tap the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner).
  3. Tap Siri Shortcuts.
  4. For any desired meditations you'd like to activate, tap "Add to Siri". This will add the Shortcut and display the command phrase to activate it.
  5. The Shortcut command phrases will now show up next to the meditation category in the Ten Percent Happier app settings and the enabled Shortcuts will now be in your Shortcuts app.

For more tips on using Shortcuts, see Apple Support's Shortcuts User Guide.