Managing an Apple Subscription

Thanks for subscribing to Ten Percent Happier! For your privacy, Apple doesn't allow us to look at your Apple ID purchases although they send us start and stop information for your subscription. As the account owner, you'll need to manage your subscription through Apple's systems.

Helpful Resources at Apple

An easy way to check your subscription is to log into your Apple ID purchase history on Apple's website at View your purchase history for the App Store, iTunes Store, and other Apple media services. From this page you can:

  • View Receipts
  • Cancel Subscriptions
  • Request a Refund
  • Check the renewal date of your subscription

Apple also has phone support for subscription questions. Call them at 800-275-2273 in the United States or find the number for your area on their website at Applecare WorldwideIf you call, please be sure to tap or ask for Apple's billing support since that's the team at Apple that access to your Apple ID purchases.

Good Things to Know About Subscriptions Purchased Through Apple's App Store 

Uninstalling or deleting the app will not cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription through the Apple Manage Subscriptions Webpage or from your iPhone Settings app.

After canceling your renewal or automatic enrollment you'll continue to have access to Ten Percent Happier premium content until the expiration date. Once your subscription expires, you'll have a free account with access to The Basics with Joseph Goldstein and anything else that's currently unlocked. 

If you run into any snags or we can help with something else, please email us at