Delete Your Account

We understand if you'd like to delete your Ten Percent Happier account entirely and we're compliant with GDPR regulations on all full account deletions.

Once a Ten Percent Happier account is deleted it's not possible to reverse or restore it.
Deleting your account  does not cancel a subscription. Because there's also a free version of our app, these are two separate steps.


If you're using an Android device please email us at with a request to delete your account entirely.


On iPhone or iPad you have two options:

  • Email us at with a request to delete your account entirely.
  • Delete your Ten Percent Happier account inside the app if your Ten Percent Happier app version is 6.10 or higher. Here's how to find the Delete My Account button:
    • Open the Ten Percent Happier app.
    • Tap the Profile icon in the upper, left corner.
    • Tap the Settings (gear) icon in upper right corner.
    • Tap Account.
    • Tap Delete My Account.
    • You'll get a notification box if you have a subscription that needs to be cancelled. Deleting your account doesn't cancel your app or meditation coaching subscription.
    • You'll be asked twice to confirm that you're choosing to delete your account and warned that the deletion can't be reversed.
    • Tap Delete My Account.

Please email us at if you run into any snags or if you have any other questions.