📲 Ten Percent Happier and Apple Accessibility

Ten Percent Happier is optimized to work well with Apple’s built in accessibility features. If you have questions on setting up accessibility features on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch here are some resources at Apple:



  • If you’re using Zoom we recommend Full Screen Zoom rather than Window Zoom in the Ten Percent Happier app.
  • If you’re using larger accessibility text sizes you may not be able to read the full text of the meditation descriptions. 
  • Bold Text will help make all the text in the app darker.



  • We recommend Siri Shortcuts to start meditations using only your voice. For instructions on setting up Siri Shortcuts for Ten Percent Happier click, tap or activate this Siri Shortcuts article.



  • Closed captions are currently available on all the courses in the Ten Percent Happier app when you're streaming the meditations and videos over wifi or cellular. 
  • When they are downloaded for offline playback, courses do not have the ability to display closed captions at this time.
  • We're working to add captions to all our other content and at this time only a portion of the Singles meditations library has captions in place.