Ten Percent Happier and Apple Accessibility

Ten Percent Happier is optimized to work well with Apple’s built in Accessibility features! 

We've shared some of Apple's resources to help, as well as our own tips for using these on your iPhone or iPad. Please let us know if you find something that doesn't work.

Apple's resources for setting up accessibility features on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch.



  • If you’re using the Screen Zoom accessibility feature we recommend Full Screen Zoom rather than Window Zoom in the Ten Percent Happier app.
  • If you’re using larger accessibility text sizes you may not be able to read the full text of the meditation descriptions. 
  • Bold Text will help make all the text in the app darker.
  • Get more information in Apple’s support article, About the Vision Accessibility Features on Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch





  • You can access Closed Captions on the Courses and all the meditations in the Singles and Sleep sections in the Ten Percent Happier app when you're streaming the meditations and videos over wifi or cellular. Captions have to be turned on for each Course and meditation session individually. To turn on the captions:
    • Start playing the video or meditation, then pause it.
    • Tap the three dots in the upper, right corner of the screen to open the menu options. 
    • Tap the Closed Captions toggle so it turns red.
    • Tap the X just above the toggle to close the menu again.

Content that you've downloaded to play offline doesn't have closed captions. The captions are part of the stream.

  • If you find something that still isn't captioned after you've turned on your settings, please let us know.
  • Closed captions are currently not available on any of our Podcasts content which includes the Ten Percent Happier Podcast and Teacher Talks. We hope to add captions to this content in the future.
  • Find Apple's guide to Hearing accessibility here.

If you have more questions please email us at support@tenpercent.com.