Where to Find Longer Meditations

We have lots of options for longer meditations in the Ten Percent Happier app. Most of the meditations under the Singles tab have adjustable times with many going up to 30 or 60 minutes. You can change the time on most meditations in the Singles tab by tapping the minutes.

After you tap this button you'll see the options for length and you can choose one of the longer sessions. Don't forget to scroll in case there are more options that you can't see initially.


Here is a list of some of the longer meditations in the app with links. This list is probably not comprehensive so have fun exploring!
Mindfulness Meditation with Joseph Goldstein
A Very Simple Meditation with Jeff Warren
Cultivating Gratitude with Cory Muscara
Relaxed and Aware with Alexis Santos
Keeping it Simple with JoAnna Hardy
Letting Stress Settle with Cory Muscara
Concentration 101 with Jeff Warren
Catch Thinking in the Act with Jeff Warren
Body Scan with Judson Brewer, Ph.D.
Aware While Walking with Joseph Goldstein
Welcome to the Party with Jeff Warren
Before Getting Out of Bed with JoAnna Hardy
A New Day with Alexis Santos
Before the Day Begins with Alexis Santos
Waking with Sound with Joseph Goldstein
Waking Up with Sebene Selassie
Unguided (Timer)
Training the Mind with Jeff Warren
Loving Kindness with Sharon Salzberg
Open Awareness with Joseph Goldstein
Enjoying the Body with Jeff Warren
Open Monitoring with David Vago, Ph.D.
What's Obvious with Alexis Santos
Looking at Experience Wisely with Alexis Santos