Mindful Days Statistics in Your App Profile

Our fearless leader, Dan Harris, believes that meditation, like exercise, is most impactful when we do it regularly - but creating and maintaining a healthy habit can be tough! If you navigate to your app Profile you’ll see your Mindful Days display with some statistics that might help you keep up a daily (or daily-ish) meditation habit.

What do these statistics mean and where are they?

  • Open your Profile in the Ten Percent Happier app.
    • iPhone or iPad: Tap the Profile icon in the upper, left corner of the screen.
    • Android phones or tablets: Tap the Profile icon in the upper, right corner of the screen.

Mindful Days is the total number of days you've recorded meditating in the app.

Total Sessions is the total number of course sessions, singles, and sleep meditations you've completed in the app or any that have been added through the Apple Health app if you're using an Apple device. Here are some good things to know about Total Sessions:

  • A session needs to run for at least 1 minute to get counted.

Total Minutes is the total time, including videos in the courses, single and sleep meditations, that you've got registered in the app.

Streak is the total number weeks or days you've meditated in a row.

  • Pro tip: On iPhone, iPad, and Android app the default streak shown will be the Weekly Streak. If you want to track your Daily Streak, just tap the Mindful Days badge to toggle between the two. If that doesn't work for you please update your Ten Percent Happier app. Weekly streaks are counted Monday through Sunday.

How do I make sure my meditations get recorded properly? 

When you finish a session in the app you'll see two screens with a black Continue button. Tapping Continue both times is the trigger that tells the app to record your session so be sure you get both of them. Here are some other good things to know:

  • Your meditation will be recorded to your profile when:
    • The meditation plays to the end.
    • You close the app or the meditation after at least 1 minute, even if it you're not finishing it.
    • Playback stops due to an error, like a WiFi or cellular problem, as long as you've meditated for at least 1 minute.
  • If you're doing a meditation near midnight, be aware the the credit goes to the date the meditation finishes, not the date you started. If you finish a meditation after midnight you might miss a day in your Streak.
  • If you complete a meditation while your device is offline it should update to your History and Streak once you're reconnected to the internet.
  • Using the app across devices, especially across platforms (Apple and Android), can negatively impact your History and Streak tracking. If you're really enjoying these features of the app please try to use a single device for best tracking performance.
  • Sometimes the app has a hard time tracking properly if you're moving between time zones. If you run into a problem with this please email us for help.

The statistics are included to help build a positive habit but if you're not a fan of tracking your sessions, tap Continue two times quickly to dismiss these screens. There's no way to disable it right now but please email us so we can count your vote and let the engineering team know.  

If you run into any snags or we can help with something else, please email us at support@tenpercent.com.

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