Using Closed Captions for Ten Percent Happier on Your Android Device

Android devices with the operating system Android 10 or higher do a wonderful job of translating speech to text with Live Captions!

Turn on Closed Captions in the Ten Percent Happier app on an Android device using the Live Captions feature. 

Live Captions is available on your device if you have the Android 10 operating system or higher on it. To find out what operating system your device is using and how to upgrade if necessary, please read Check and Update Your Android Version

  1. Press the Volume button on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Live Caption icon to turn on/off closed captions. See the image below for reference. 

For more information on Live Captions, please read the Google Support Article Translate Speech to Text with Live Captions.

For more information on Android's Accessibility features, please read the Google Support Article Android Accessibility Help.

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