What to Do When There's No Sound Coming from the App

If the app's content is playing but there's no sound coming out, here are a few things to try:

  • Make sure your phone isn't connected to bluetooth headphones that are somewhere nearby. Check your phone's Bluetooth settings to see if any devices are connected.
  • Fully quit the app and relaunch it (see Force Quit for an Apple device or Force Stop for an Android device), then try playing the app again.
  • Try completely powering down your device and then powering it back on and heading into the app to play content again. This usually resolves any sound issues in the app.
  • If neither of those steps resolves the issue, try deleting and reinstalling the Ten Percent Happier app. After deleting, you can reinstall the app directly from the Apple App Store (for iPhone/iPad) or the Google Play store (for Android phones). Just be sure to sign back into your same account. You'll find all the steps in our Help Center articles: How can I tell what address my app is signed into? & Sign Into Ten Percent Happier With an Existing Account. Any content downloaded to your device for offline use will be removed during this process.