Sign Into Ten Percent Happier With an Existing Account

This article will help you get signed back into an existing Ten Percent Happier app account. We have the instructions in both video and written form and they vary slightly for Apple and Android devices so please make sure you're looking at the instructions that match your cellphone or tablet.

You'll need to download the Ten Percent Happier app before moving to the next steps. If you have any questions about that please check out our Help Center article How can I download the app?

The Ten Percent Happier app isn't current available for computers. Check out our Help Center article Can I use the Ten Percent Happier app on a computer? for links to the content you access on the web. If you bought a subscription already but don't have a mobile device, please email us at for help.

Video Instructions

(Our video instructions are new in the Help Center. If you found them helpful, or not helpful, please let us know. You can email us at We really appreciate your feedback.)

Step by Step Written Instructions

When you open the app you should see the screen below. If you don't, you're probably already signed into the app. In that case, check out our Help Center article How to Sign Out of the Ten Percent Happier App to get back to this screen.

  • Tap on the words Sign In at the bottom of the first screen.
  • Choose the sign in method you used when first registering your account: 
    • Sign in with Email (this requires your password too),
    • Sign in with Facebook (no password), 
    • Sign in with Apple* (iOS only-no password), or 
    • Sign In with Google (Android only-no password).
  • If you registered using Sign in with Email, 
    • Type the email address and password you used to register your Ten Percent Happier account then tap Sign In. 
    • If you need to reset your password please use our password reset link. Look for this, "You will receive an email within the next few minutes that will contain instructions for changing your password," in the upper, left corner of the screen to confirm that your password reset request has been received.
  • If you registered using Sign in with Facebook, Sign in with Apple, or Sign In with Google, choose the appropriate method and tap Continue to proceed to your account. If you used any of these methods, you won't have a password.

*Please see this article for more detailed instructions for using Sign in with Apple.