Share the Ten Percent Happier App

Thanks for your interest in sharing Ten Percent Happier with friends and family. 😀 If you're currently subscribed to the Ten Percent Happier app, you can easily offer 30 days of no commitment, subscription access to the app with a Guest Pass. 

Here's how to share a Guest Pass:

  • Open your Profile in the Ten Percent Happier app.
    • iPhone or iPad: Tap the Profile icon in the upper, left corner of the screen.
    • Android phones or tablets: Tap the Profile icon in the upper, right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Guest Pass Share Some Sanity
  • Tap Share Guest Pass and send a link to your friend using any of the options that pop up - messages, text, email, etc.. 
  • The recipient will get a link to redeem a 30 day free subscription. They'll redeem the code on the Ten Percent Happier website then use it in the app on their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device by signing into the same account.
    • A guest pass can only be redeemed to an account that doesn't already have an active free trial or subscription on it because our systems won't let folks "double subscribe."
    • An account can only use your guest pass once.
  • Our Help Center article Redeem a Gift or Promotional Subscription will be helpful in getting your friend or family member set up.

If you want to give a longer subscription (4 months or 1 year), purchase a gift certificate on our website here, or check out this article, Purchase a Gift Subscription.

If either of you have any questions please contact us at