Purchase a Ten Percent Happier App Subscription

You'll need a subscription to unlock the full contents in the app. You can subscribe to the app by tapping on any locked content which will launch a screen with subscription options. If you're using the app on an iPhone or iPad you'll subscribe through your Apple ID account, and if you're using the app on an Android device you'll subscribe through your Google Play account.

You can also subscribe on our website at https://app.tenpercent.com/start/register. If you subscribe through our website and you already have a Ten Percent Happier account, please be sure to sign in with the same email or Sign in with Apple address you're already using. Read our Help Center article How can I tell what address my app is signed into? before you make your purchase.

  • Looking for a monthly subscription? Please email us at support@tenpercent.com for assistance.
  • Received a gift subscription? Please see here.
  • Want to give a gift subscription to someone? Please see here.